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Committed to Quality Service

Let's face it. The legal process can be intimidating and confusing. Perhaps that is why it is known as an "adversarial" system. Whether you need to bring a lawsuit (plaintiff) or you are being sued in a lawsuit (defendant), the maze of procedures, rules and terminology can leave you wondering if anyone really cares about your situation. Well, the Law Office of Karin M. Gunter does and can help.

For more than 15 years, we have been fighting for our clients, taking cases that often seem impossible and getting results. Our firm is distinguished by our commitment to thorough, compassionate and personalized service to each client and client matter.We go the extra mile in doing our homework, researching issues and knowing the needs of our clients.

Here are a few client testimonials:

"Thank you for your hard work, understanding and willingness to help me. It was very comforting knowing I had an attorney that had my best interest at heart. Thank you for always keeping me informed and most of all your professionalism. Your communication and diligence has helped me beyond measure. You have restored my faith in the legal system. May God to bless you." N.D.

"I have no problem with referring people to Karin. I feel she really cares about her clients. The other attorney I had took my money and didn't care about me or the outcome of my case." T.R.

"I had a divorce from hell. Every step of the way, my ex-husband tried to find ways to me and intimidate Karin. I had confidence in Karin - watching her display honesty, strength and professionalism in her dealing with the law in both my family and cases. Karin is a diamond in the ruff!" C.P.

"After many years of being railroaded in the Family Court system and facing unbelievable odds, Karin took my case not only as a challenge but she believed in me. Now my relationship with my boys is doing great and I have support payments I can live with. I can't thank her enough." P.Z.

"Karin did a great job. She gave me her full time and attention and went the extra mile to get a in my favor." B.D. 

"Karin provided professional and thorough service. I would have been very vulnerable without her. She is a valued and trusted advisor." T.H. 

"I am very satisfied with the outstanding service I received from the Law Office of Karin M. Gunter. Ms. Gunter is a consummate professional and I have no doubt that my wrongful termination case was won purely on the basis of her strong dedication and brilliant legal acumen. Even though I provided Ms. Gunter with a mountain of corroborating documentation in support of my case, Ms. Gunter exceeded my expectations by uncovering so much more supporting evidence than I even knew existed. . . Ms. Gunter has gained my absolute trust and confidence. I will to recommend her services without hesitation." J.G.

Though individual results will vary based on your needs and the facts of your case, one thing will remain the same. The Law Office of Karin M. Gunter is committed to quality and to fighting for you.

We offer legal services in:


  • Child support/custody
  • Divorce/Equitable Distribution
  • Spousal support/Alimony Pendente Lite
  • Protection from Abuse

Employment Law including:

  • Discrimination
  • Contracts
  • Restrictive Covenants
  • Wrongful Termination and Discharge

And More including:

  • Guardianship (Alleged Incapacitated Persons)
  • Small Claims matters
  • Estate Planning and Administration/Probate

In Philadelphia, Montgomery, Chester, Delaware and other Pennsylvania counties.

Call today for an initial consultation!

(215) 548-9992